Where To Plant Don Juan Rose
In Phoenix Arizona

by Laurie
(Phoenix Az)

QUESTION: I live in Phoenix Az.

Where would be the best exposure placement for my Don juan climbing rose.

He is in a 5gl.container with some small stubs.

Will I need to trellis him and how strong does the support need to be?

What other climbers would look best.

I was thinking something white.

Also where would be the best placement for Marilyn Monroe?

ANSWER: Hi Laurie! The best exposure for any rose in Phoenix Aroizona, is morning sun with afternoon shade or dappled shade.

What I mean is protection from the searing sun during the hottest hours of the day.

The Don Juan climbing rose would need a trellis, or other structure to be trained and tied to.

Get a wide trellis, or two side by side, so you can train the climber horizontally, for maximum blooms.

The Marilyn Monroe rose ideally should be planted where it starts out with morning sun, and where it gets a bit of shade during the hottest time of the day.

The white Iceberg climbing rose would be OK.

Water, water, water, every day!
Best Regards,

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