White Rose Called Lady Di

by Caroline

Hi Annelie,
Firstly may I commend you on your page, it is fantastic, My grandmother grew roses and they were always in fantastic condition and looked amazing, I really enjoyed your images and your information is great, so much knowledge.
I am making an enquiry for an elderly lady who is coming 80 years and she has had roses for almost all that time :) She asked me to see if I could find out about a particular rose 'Lady Di' which to her knowledge was comissoned by the RHS on her death. I am unable to find any information on it, I came across your page and you seem to be a very well informed lady and I am hoping you can help me. I live in Ireland and I am not sure if any of the garden centers have ever had it.

Best Regards
Hello Caroline,
Your best bet is to ask your local garden center to special order the Lady Di rose for you.
You could also contact the Irish Rose Society for help.
The rose is actually called Lady Diana rose and it has a very pale pink color which is lovely.
Best Regards,

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