White Rose Meaning

white rose meaning

Meanings Of White Roses

White rose meaning, the meanings of white roses and the symbolic meaning of the white rose, traditionally stands for purity, innocence,spirituality and sympathy, as well as remembrance, honor and revarance.

White roses are also the traditional wedding bouquet roses, and are a favorite of many brides, as their bridal bouquets, because of the white rose meaning of virtue, unity and purity of love.

white rose meaning

White roses also symbolize and stand for reverance, and as such, are often used at memorial services and funerals for loved ones who has departed.

Because you are searching and looking for white roses, I have put together some of the loveliest and most beautiful white roses with pictures and growing information for each rose. Scroll down, and click on the links for the different white rose varieties and a beautiful picture for each white rose.

Pictures Of White Roses

white rose meaning

Roses Pictures

white rose meaning

Iceberg Rose - Climbing Iceberg Rose

This wonderful white floribunda rose, also known as 'Schneewittchen' and 'Fee des Neiges', is one of the most widely grown modern roses, and for good reasons. Click on the link below for a picture of 'Iceberg 'rose and detailed growing information.

Picture and Information on Iceberg Rose


Margaret Merrill Rose

This outstanding white rose is on the Most Fragrant Roses list. It has won five Gold Medals, it repeat bloomsall season.Click on the link here for a picture of this lovely rose and detailed growing information.

Picture Of Margaret Merrill Rose with Information


Sombreuil Rose

A tall elegant old climbing rose from 1850. It's waxy foileage is exceptionally resistant to most rose problemsin most areas of the country.Click on the link below for more information on this superb white climbing rose.

Picture Of Sombreuil Rose with Information


Sally Holmes Rose

A wonderful choice for almost any garden This rose can best be trained as a smaller climber on fences, walls,or trellises; or enjoy it as a shrub at the back of the border.

For more information on one of my favorite white roses, click on the link below.


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