Why are the leaves on my knockout bushes turning yellow ?

by Vincent Ferrara
(Woodstock GA. 30188)

I live approximately 40 miles north of Atlanta GA.30188. Nothing but red clay. I'm in a development and the builder did the landscaping . When I first moved in my knockout rose bushes were in very poor shape, so I wet the area around the roots and poured 1qt of mircle grow around the base of the bush, 3days later I sprayed the leaves with the same solution . I'm getting lot of blooms but sone of them don't blossom out and develop they sort of curl up and turn brown. The majority of the leaves are dark green and healthy looking .There some leaves that turn yellow and drop off I can,t figure out what's making the leaves turn yellow. On the trunk of the main stems I'm getting streaks of dark gray it almost looks like bark.What am I not doing or what am I doing wrong . Your site is very informative.
Respectfully Vincent Ferrara

Hi Vincent,
You are not doing anything wrong. Your roses have been infested by Rose Flower Thrips.
Take a deformed bloom and pull it apart a bit. Then shake it over white paper. You should see very tiny yellow or brown insects fall out.
Immediately remove and destroy all infested blooms and buds. Spray with ORTHO Systemic Insect Killer three times, at intervals of 7 to 10 days.
Be careful and wear protective clothing and gloves.
Do not spray when the sun is up.
Best Regards,

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