Wild Rose Flower


Wild Rose Picture

A wild rose flower is a delicately beautiful single 5-petaled, fragrant flower, that appears early in summer on previous years growth.

I have included a wild rose picture for each of my favorite and most useful species roses for your enjoyment and information on wild roses.

The main flowering period is rather short, but many flowers develop into colorful rose hips. The hips vary in color from bright orange to bright red, and they last all winter. The hips are source of food for hungry wildlife during winter.

rosa glauca

Rosa Glauca

Rosa Glauca makes an excellent shrub about 6 feet tall. An almost thornless plant, with reddish, purple stems, and grayish purple leaves, and flower clusters of a soft lilac-pink color. The hips are first red, then turn a burnished, coppery purple in autumn. Zones 4-10

rosa setipoda

Rosa Setipoda

Rosa Setipoda is a sturdy shrub growing up to 12 feet high with clusters of scented blooms. But it's the hips that makes this a valuable garden rose. The hips are huge, about 2.5 inches long; plumply flagon shaped and bright orange-red. They are quite beautiful.

rosa carolina

Rosa Carolina

Rosa Carolina is a dense medium sized shrub, with dark green, lightly glossy foilage. The pink flowers bloom profusely in midsummer. After flowering there are bright red hips that are very showy. This rose makes a good dense hedge that tolerates the poorest of soils.

Growing wild roses is best done in moist but well-drained, organic and fertile soil. In a wild garden very little pruning is needed.

To control rose hedges, pruning wild roses should be done right after flowering each year, removing any dead or damaged wood.

The rose flowers are borne on the previous summers stems,so do not remove too many older branches, or you will have less flowers next year. A light trim will do.

Finally I want to remind you that the wild rose flower is the parent of our modern garden roses.



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