Wild Rose Strangling my Carpet Roses?

by Barbara
(Freehold, NJ)

Hi Annelie,
I have what I think are carpet roses; just like you described, low growing, more wide than tall. I have had them around my patio for about 6 years. Last year I noticed tall shoots with red leaves and assumed it was new growth. This year I noticed that my carpet roses have a lot of dead branches throughout them. I was trying to remove these dead limbs and think they may have died due to those tall shoots with red leaves that I noticed last year. It was like the carpet roses were strangled by this invader growth. The invader growth grows tall and very quickly, but I've never noticed a flower. Any idea what this growth is and how do I curtail it?
Thank you in advance for your answer, I appreciate it!
Hi Barbara,
Your carpet roses has rose suckers.
They suck energy from the rose bush and should be removed from the source.
Read my page about rose suckers and follow my instruction about how to remove them.
Rose suckers never flower. They grow tall and really use up energy so the rose will not flower and thrive.
Best Regards,

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