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william baffin rose

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Climbing William Baffin rose bush is a very tough, cold hardy, climbing rose. Easy, trouble-free, super hardy, and gorgeous!

One of the strong winter hardy Canada roses, suitable for those cold climate areas where most climbing roses cannot survive.

'William Baffin' is actually a modern shrub rose, but it's more suitable as a climber, because of its long arching canes.

It's so easy to train on a support.

A show stopping climbing rose that is so easy to grow and care for.

If you live in a cold climate zone, I highly recommend that you plant this hardy very attractive climber.


Mature Plant Height: 8feet to 12 feet.

Bloom Size: 3inches to 4 inches.

Bloom Time: midseason, excellent repeat.

Fragrance: none.

Year Introduced: 1983.

American Rose Society Rating: 8.9.

william baffin rose

The beautiful blooms are semi-double and strawberry pink with a touch of white towards the center.

The rose flowers appear in clusters of up to 30 blooms on one stem, from summer to fall.

There is little fragrance but the foilage is glossy and healthy.

The rose is named after the famous explorer who sought the North-West Passage. Zones 3-9, height 8-12 feet.


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