Wine Colored Roses

Burgundy Wine Roses

Wine colored roses have become quite popular with gardeners who like these rich wine colored rose flowers.

I have selected some very beautiful burgundy roses with the color of burgundy wine that you can purchase by clicking on the high-lighted text next to the rose pictures.

It's true that most roses are the shades of red and pink, but now with new development in roses, you can find roses with the color of burgundy wine.

These burgundy colored roses look best when planted with very pale yellow roses or perennials.

I also think that the wine roses look fabulous together with white iceberg roses or other white flowering plants.

The wine color rose varieties pictured below include a couple of mini roses, a climbing rose and shrub roses.

Recommended Wine Rose Varieties

midnight blue rose Midnight Blue Wine Rose

It's a compact shrub rose, great for smaller garden spots.

Very disease resistant and it blooms all season long.

You'll love the fragrant spicy rose scent.

night owl rose Night Owl Rose

This is climbing wine color rose bush with large deep wine- purple blooms with yellow stamens.

A quick repeat-bloomer with fragrant flowers all season long.

Outta The Blue Rose

Outta The Blue Rose

The various colors of this shrub rose include wine, rich magenta and lavender.

The mixed colors end up looking like a very good burgundy wine.

sugar plum rose Sugar Plum Mini Rose

This sugar plum mini rose has just the right color of wine.

Use it in a container with some white trailing lobelias to show off the rich wine color blooms.

diamond eye rose

Diamond Eyes Mini Rose

Dramatic, deep, velvety deep wine colored, with a hint of purple, rose blooms.

It got its name for the white center eyes.

Deliciously fragrant with a clove-spicy rose scent.


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