Winter Pruning
Winter Care For Roses

by Eli Licht
(Dubuque, IA)


Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

I have 4 Hybred Tea Roses that I planted this fall and they are doing wonderful!

They have grown to roughly 3-4 feet tall and our about 2-3 on width and have produced some excellent flowers this year.

However, I am first timer, so I have no experience with winter care.

How much should I trim the roses back and what level of protection do they need?

I live in Iowa, so the winter can get cold.

I don't want to lose the roses and I'm not sure where to begin.

Thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated!
Eli Licht

ANSWER: Hi Eli, Hybrid tea roses are very cold tender, and will not survive the cold winters in Iowa without special winter protection.

Here is my page about winterizing roses.

Scroll down and click on the link that says winter rose collar.

That product offers the best winter protection for roses that I have found.

Follow the instruction on my page for winter pruning roses, ok.
Thanks for the pretty pictures of your roses.
Best Regards,

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