Winter Rose Care in NorthWest Florida (Laurel Hill) 32567

by Lori
(Laurel Hill, Florida )

QUESTION: I have 6 rose plants in a raised bed, Mr.Lincoln, All American, & Queen Ann.

I like to know how to care for roses during Florida winters.

We have frost off and on for a few months in the winter.

But on a frosty night, the days can be 70 degrees.

It can also rain like a monsoon during the winter as well.

The fluctuating temeratures confuse the rose plants.

I cut them back, but do not cover them because the first year I covered them and I think the rain rotted some of the plant base and stalks.

My husband thinks I should cover them.

I think warm and wet and covered is just a fungus factory.

Will the frost hurt the roses if they are uncovered?

Please let me know what you think.
Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Lori! The hybrid tea roses need winter frost protection.

When you have a frost warning, cover the roses for the night, but remove the cover during the day, if it's not freezing cold.

You are right about not keeping them covered during the day when it's warm. That could kill them.

But always protect the roses on frosty cold nights and days.

Cold hardy roses do not need winter protection.
Best Regards,

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