Wintering Hybrid Tea Roses

Winter Care For Cold Tender Tea Roses

Protecting and wintering hybrid tea roses is very impportant, because tea roses are cold tender, and will not survive winters in zones 5 or colder without winterizing protection.

If you do not protect these roses from the harsh and cold winter temperatures, they most likely will suffer from winter-kill.

How much winter protection you have to give your hybrid tea roses depends on your climate and the rose.

It also varies depending on how severe each winter is. But to be safe, I recommend to use the maximum protection in very cold regions. You can never forecast cold weather storms.

Steps For Winter Protection

  • In late fall, before the first snowfall, mound all roses with compost to a height of about a foot high. In zones 4-5, hybrid teas, and other borderline hardy roses, need their top growth protected as well. And in zone 3, all roses need their top growth protected during winter.
  • Tying canes in high wind areas, it's a good idea, especially taller canes, in order to prevent them from whipping in the wind and getting damaged.
  • Wrap your roses in zones 5 or colder. Less hardy roses such as hybrid tea roses, should be wrapped with several layers of burlap and twine. Or use other special wintering covers made especially for roses. Remove the covering in early spring, about the time the snow has melted permanently.
  • You should also remove the top protection when daytime temperatures regularly are in the 50sF, usually late March or April. Two or three weeks later, gently hose or push away the mounded soil.
  • When To Cut Back

    Some gardeners cut back their roses to prepare them for winter. I do not recommend this, because roses are more likely to survive the winter if the canes are left intact.

    Prune roses in late winter or early spring.

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