Winterize Roses Indoor in Pots

QUESTION I live in western Canada where winters are very cold.
I live in an apartment so my Rose is in a pot on the
balcony. Therefore I can bring the pot inside?
Will the plant go dormant or will it continue to grow?
Should I leave it alone or continue to water it?


ANSWER Hello Melanie,

Your rose should be moved indoors in a cool, unheated place during winter. You can help it go dormant by not feeding and not removing dead blooms, and also by letting it harden off by exposing it to a few frost nights. But not too frosty though. You don't want to kill it.

You should keep it moist during winter. Use a "moisture meter", available at garden centers, so you can check the moisture level further down in the pot.

Do NOT let water collect in any saucer underneath the pot, because that will kill the rose for sure.

You should not keep the rose in any warm place, such as in your heated apartment or house.

It must be kept in an unheated place. Wrap it with burlap, pot and all, after it is dormant.

Here is my page about winter care for roses.
Warmest Regards,

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