Winterizing Patio Roses

by Bridget
(Colchester, CT)

I have a knock out rose in a large pot that is in between my garage doors during the summer. I live in Connecticut & we experience cold temps during the winter. I considered brining the pot into my garage, which never falls below freezing during the winter months. How do I best winterize my rose so it will be around for years to come?

Hello Bridget,
Yes, you should bring the potted rose into your unheated garage during the winter.

Before you do that, be sure to deep water the pot several times so the rose is well hydrated for the winter.
This will help the rose canes from drying out.

Also, to make sure the rose goes dormant, expose it to a couple of frost nights, before winterizing it and moving it inside your garage.

Add some mulch to the top of of the soil, all the way to the rim of the pot.

Don't put the pot on the cement floor. Place it on a raised platform. Pieces of lumber works well.

Wrap the rose, pot and all, in several layers of burlap.
Do not do any pruning, because it couls stimulate new tender growth which will suffer from winterkill.
Your goal is to help the rose go dormant.

Here is my page about how to winterize roses.
For the potted rose winter care, scroll down the page until you see the headline about winterizing potted roses.
Best Regards,

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