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Sep 08, 2014
Winterizing Knock Out Roses
by: Anonymous

i too have 2 potted ko roses on my terrace in brooklyn.

i plan to either bring them in the house and treat them like a houseplant or to wrap them in two or three layers of bubble wrap. i plan to gather the top of the wrap and tie it losely so that water from snow or rain can get in. i shall leave the bottom of the pot sitting on a piece of bubble wrap with the bubble side up. that should give enough room for water run off.

i have sucessfully grown a hanging pot of bougenvillia that i bought in fl. i bring in the plant and hang it at the brightest window. i get flowers, lighter in hue during the winter. i water with a low concentrarte of miracle grow twice a month.

my gardinia has also worked with this method. so why not roses! weather i bring in the roses or not will depend on if i have room for all my herbs, that work well being indoors for the winter.

use undercounter fixtures with 10,000 or higher lumens bulbs that can be purchased at pet stores that carry fish. the lights are afixed to the bottoms of shelves mounted about 12" above the plants. give light to the plants for 12 hr.s per day.

good luck...

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