Winterizing Potted Knock Out Roses

by laurissa
(Brooklyn, NY)


QUESTION: I have a knockout rose bush in a pot outside that I just planted this year.

I live in the city so I won't be able to plant it during the winter to protect the root system as was suggested to me originally.

I also won't be able to "put a mound of dirt " around the base of the Knockout potted rose.

Any suggestions for other winter care for my potted roses? I really want them to come back next year.

ANSWER: Hi Laurissa,

You should read my page about winterizing roses.

In order for the knockout rose to survive in the pot during winter you need to bring the potted rose into a cool, non-freezing indoor space to over-winter. Otherwise it will freeze solid and die over the winter.

If you cannot do this, you just have to treat the rose as an annual flower that only last one season.
Best Regards,

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