Winterizing Roses In Canada

by Andrew Ware
(P.E.I. Canada.)

QUESTION: My name is Andrew Ware and I live on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Anf I need help winterizing my roses.

This past spring I purchased 8 rose bushes from a local grower here.

The are expected to grow to 5 to 8 feet tall.

I planted these roses along the west side of my house.

I prepared the bed with cow manure,a small amount of peat moss and some new top soil.

I also applied about 4" of a ceder mulch. The roses did very well this summer as they are now about 2-31/2 feet tall, and they are blooming like crazy still.

My question is that where we are located, we get a lot of snow in the winter.

We get drifts 10 to 15 feet high.

Where the rose bushe are planted, a ground cover of about 3 feet can be expected.

I was wondering the best way to protect them from the cold winter here in Canada.

I was considering using plywood sheets to make a kind of pyramid over them.

Should I leave the ends open, or should they be completely closed in and would you have any other suggestions.

Also, where they are located, the don't start receiving sun till about 1-2pm till dusk. Is this sufficient for them.

Thank-you in advance for any help you can give me.

ANSWER: Hi Andrew! Yes you could cover them completely with the plywood sheets.

In addition to that you should cover the plywood sheets with plastic bags of autumn leaves, or heavy construction blankets thrown over the top, or both.

Then the rose bushes will the winterized very well, and lie snug under the insulation, until mid-April when you should uncover them and give them the first pruning.

I recommend you read my page about winterizing roses.

The sunlight you mention, is that during the growing season, or is it during the winter tiem?
Best regards,

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