Yellow Leaves On Roses

by Yelena

My "Cherry parfait"tea rose has a discoloration on leaves.
Photo is attached.

It is a yellow color on green leaves. They are not black spots, I am watching it.

But this yellow discoloration I saw last year on this rose also.
What should I do with it?
Thank you,

ANSWER: Hi Yelena! What you have is a rose virus.

Several viruses infect roses. The viruses are transmitted when an infected plant is grafted or budded to a healthy one.

This usaually occurs inthe nursery.

Some plants only show symptoms in a few leaves.

The virus suppresses the use of chlorophyll, causing the splotches.

This is how I deal with it. Remove the yellow leaves as you see them.

There is no cure for the virus, so if the rose is severely affected, you should remove the rose bush. But this is the last effort.
Best Regards,

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