Zepherine Drouhin Climbing Rose
My First Rose In England

by Ruth Fernandez

QUESTION: Dear rose gardener...I have bought a bourbon climbing rose with the intention of training it along a trellice against my front house...

As there is concrete right up to the house walls and no soil for the rose to grow in I was wondering whether it would fair well in a container which i am happy to construct and build to the appropriate dimensions myself to achieve the same end...is it possible?

It's a small house and would be happy with just a moderate display of blooms and perfume..

It seemed like a good choice for a roadside house and south east aspect with moderate shade,there's a large magnolia tree in close proximity..

thank you in advance
kind regards
a rose beginner.

ANSWER: Hi Rose Beginner! Yes it would be ok to build a large wooden container, with holes drilled on the bottom.

I also recommend you nail some blocks to the corners underneath, so the roots get some air.

Only plant it in potting soil for roses.

The Zhephirine Drouhin rose can actually handle a bit shade, not to much though.
Best Regards,

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