Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose
Producing Shooters

by Lydia
(Milford, OH USA)

Zephirine Climbing Rose

Zephirine Climbing Rose

I have a Climbing Zephirine Drouhin rose that climbs over a small trellis and arches over my potting shed door. All spring/summer it gets shooters coming off it from the ground up. They're more like long stalks (thornless). These shooters have leaves but do not produce buds. They're a different texture that the rose canes. I'm constantly cutting them off....and ready to pull the plant. If this is a problem with this particular climber, can you recommend another climbing for a small space?
Thanks so much!

Hi Lydia,
The Zephirine Drouhin rose is an old climbing Bourbon rose from 1868. It's rated by the American Rose Society at 8.0. 10 being the best.
Your picture of it looks beautiful.
This rose doesn't produce suckers, so I believe the shoots are natural off-shoots that can turn into other Zephirine Drouhin climbers, if dug up with roots and potted up.
Here is my page about rose suckers and also about rose shoots.
Your picture shows how beautiful the rose is, so I would hate to see you pull it.
I know root-shoots can be a pain to deal with.
Grafted roses do not get root shoots, but can develop suckers which must be removed.
My friend has the red and very fragrant Don Juan climbing rose. She says there are no root shoots or suckers on it.
Hope this helps you out.
Happy Day
... Annelie

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